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Milan :

"As a butchershop i cute my art and sell it as slices of meat the first will get the best part of it !"

Critics about the art market directly.
The art is expensive, so sad i have to cut by slices.
The Moment (t) will be shared by peoples when we expose the pieces of art as a market the pieces is not on the wall but display on a shelf so funny as usual we can imagine the futur as a search quest the collectionnary who whant to share again this t moment with peoples.
By the way some pieces are totally abstract but the people buy it also cause they want to have low price for some budget reasons ahahaah !!

The sicors and line remind the code society like in the magazin before when you have promotionnal action to send by postal as you can recognize on each pieces. The best art for me have a big link with the visitors who whatching so i like to use some graphical stuff and make my sauce with it and remix the meaning in my artpieces